Computer Science graduate student at Indiana University-Bloomington

Current CGPA: 3.81 / 4.0

Courses for Fall 2015: Advanced Operating Systems, Advanced Natural Language Processing & Security for Networked Systems

Courses for Spring 2016: Machine Learning Techniques in Computational Linguistics, Object Oriented Software Management & Computation and Linguistic Analysis

Courses for Fall 2016: Algorithms Design and Analysis, Elements Artificial Intelligence & Search (Information Retrieval)

Courses for Spring 2017: Social Media Mining


Software Development Engineer at Amazon

May 2017 - Present

AWS Partner Network

Internship Experience

Software Development Engineer Intern at Amazon

May 2016 - August 2016

AWS Partner Network

Work Experience

Sr. Systems Engineer at Infosys Limited

March 2013 - Jun 2015

Lead developer in a project involving migration of a financial settlements engine from a standalone application to J2EE Application (Spring Framework)

Internship Experience

Research Analyst Intern at Cruxbot [Acquired by KNO Inc. (Intel Corp.)]

January 2012 - August 2012 (Charter Member)

Worked on Automatic Text Summarization based on NLP and English Language Heuristics.


Automatic Text Summarization - Cruxbot

Lead a research team for the design & optimization of Automatic Text Summarization algorithm based on Natural Language Processing & English Language Heuristics

Analyzed the performance of prevailing Web/Mobile Text Summarization Applications

Fine tuned the existing Open Source API's to extract clean data from any Web Page

Devised the application deployment strategy on the cloud-based platform - Google App Engine

Stance Prediction in Twitter

Keeping a particular target in mind, for e.g. Hillary Clinton, our group comprising of Linguists and PhD candidates came up with a system that can correctly predict the stance {Favor, Against or Neutral} of tweets aimed at the target.

Picture orientation prediction using Artificial Neural Networks

Implemented an artificial neural network to predict the orientation of flickr images. Trained the classifier using stochastic gradient descent method on image data and achieved a maximum accuracy of 72.1%.

A simplistic Spell-Corrector

This project involved using BerkelyLM tool to generate a probabilistic language model from training data. The system then tries to predict correct spellings based on the model and a list of correct spelling candidates generated using Soundex algorithm.

Yelp Dataset Challenge 2016: Business Category prediction using Labeled LDA

Implemented an end-to-end pipeline to predict the Yelp Business categories based on user reviews using Labeled LDA. The data used for this project was from Yelp Dataset Challenge 2016. Our pipeline parsed the Yelp business and User review data files, trained the LDA classifier and eventually achieved a maximum accuracy of 66%.


  • Sachin Tendulkar
  • Roger Federer
  • Music
  • Cricket
  • Prison Break
  • Breaking Bad
  • The Pursuit of Happyness
  • Gladiator

Taking some time off-work rejuvenates my batteries, and keeps me productive and sharp. Running, Swimming and Gyming help me get my daily adrenaline fix. I enjoy playing cricket, but at the same time I try to learn different sports with my friends. Sachin Tendulkar and Roger Federer are two of my sports idols.

Music, is indeed the food for soul. Voices of Enrique and Atif never fail to cheer me up.

And yes, I'm a movie and TV Serial buff too!

My Cooking Diaries

Guess what! Soon after coming to the U.S., I have developed a new hobby -- Cooking :D Many people say that U.S. is a land of opportunities, but the way I see it, being in such a dynamic and fast-paced environment, you start exploring your hidden talents. So in my view this is a place where you discover and develope those latent skills within you. This place will test you each moment, making you push your limits and bring out the best in you! After this amazing transformation, no wonder many opportunities come knocking on your doorsteps!

When I was in India, I always shied away from the handful of cooking chances thrown my way. But here, I have no choice. You have to cook your own meal, period. I started out with the simple dishes that my mother taught me earlier, but soon I started experimenting and improvizing them, thanks to the resource limitations that we have in our kitchen :P And by the divine grace, most of them turned out to be pretty delicious! I can safely say at this point that I ENJOY cooking. It helps me take my mind away from the assignments and tons of other things.

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